Here is a video from 4 years ago when then last Commonwealth Games were held. Although it is about the Games in Delhi, it still has some information that is related to the Games being held this year in Glasgow, Scotland from  23 July to 3 August.

Watch the video and answer the following questions as a comment to this post. Have a read of the ‘related information’ articles when you have finished.

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1. How did the British Empire begin?

2. Britain is the old Roman word for a) Strong, b) United or c) England?

3. How did England ‘claim’ countries around the world?

4. How did Australia become apart of the British Empire?

5. What part of Britain is reflected in the Australian flag?

6. What did being apart of the British Empire mean for Australia?

7. What does ‘commonwealth’ mean?

8. What do the ‘Commonwealth of Nations’ work together to promote?

9. What were the Commonwealth Games called when they first began?

10. What do you understand more clearly now you have watched this BtN story?



The First Fleet

Early Australian Explorers

Robert O’Hara Burke

William John Wills

John McDouall Stuart

John Forrest

George Bass

Mathew Flinders

Ludwig Leichhardt

Gregory Blaxland

William Charles Wentworth

William Lawson

Edward John Eyre

Major Thomas Livingstone Mitchell

John Oxley

The Eureka Stockade

The Eureka Stockade  by Louise Park

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Key Questions –

What were the key issues that contributed to the uprising that took place at the Eureka Stockade?

In what peaceful ways did the miners try to take matters into their own hands?

What things do you think the government and officials could have done to prevent tension escalating on the goldfields?

How has what took place at the Eureka Stockade changed Australia for the better?