Data Interpretation


One packet of Smarties each. Present this task using your iPad.

Write predictions. For example, what is the chance of  getting a packet with 10? 5 red?

Open packets.

Record data in a table by counting and tallying.

Create a bar graph

Take a photo using your iPad.

Make an interpretation.  eg.There are more red, my prediction was correct.

Make a comparison to someone else’s data.

Put Smarties in a circle,  create a pie graph. Photograph.

Write fractions about your Smarties. eg. if there were 12 Smarties in a box and 3 were red, 3/12s were red.

Use the calculator to work out percentages.

Enter into Numbers app, create a graph and write your interpretations.

Well done! Enjoy your smarties.:)

Which data display – bar graph or pie graph do you think was most effective? Why?


School Walkathon

It’s our school walkathon today. This year the dress up theme is ‘Sporting Champions’. This could be related to a sport you play or a sport that you like.

Write a post about a sporting champion or your favourite sport.

Don’t forget to collect sponsors and return your sponsorship form to school. All sponsorship money should be returned to school by Friday November 7th at the latest. If you return your money early your name will go into the draw for weekly prizes to be given out at assembly. I hope 5V wins the fish and chip lunch. Do you think we will win?

Do you know who this is?


Shuttle Shutdown

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.23.38 am
Focus Questions – Answer the following questions on your iPad using Keynote (one page for each question)

Add illustrations to support your answer if you have time.

1.How long has the space shuttle program been going?
2. In which year did man first land on the moon?
3. The spacecraft they used to get to the moon was reusable. True or false?
4. Describe the three main parts that make up the space shuttle.
5. How does the shuttle land?
6. Describe some of the work the space shuttles have helped with.
7. Why have most astronauts agreed it was a good idea to stop using the space shuttles?
8. What does the end of the shuttle program mean for space exploration?
9. What is NASA going to focus on now?
10. How has space exploration affected people’s lives?
Going Further –
Write a true or false quiz about the space shuttle program using facts from
the BtN story.
Create a timeline showing significant events in space exploration
(including the space shuttle program).

Descriptive Writing

Today we are going to look at writing some really descriptive writing

Part 1:

…as I looked around…

This is your first prompt. It is about using your sight which is one of our five senses. Make sure you describe what you can see. Use can only use 100 words to write it. Use Pages on your iPad and make sure you turn on the word count. Then publish it as a post on your blog.

Part 2:

Answer the following writing prompt below. When writing. make sure you describe what you can see, like in the first prompt. Try to use lots of adjectives to describe the things that you are seeing. Write this one in your writing book.

Drop of Water

BTN – Moon Landing

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.08.37 pm

Watch the following BTN video about the landing on the Moon and answer the following questions as a comment to this post. If you get time, explore the ‘Related Information’ links next to the video.

1. How many people watched the moon landing on television?

2. Why was going to the moon more complicated than going into orbit?

3. What role did Australia play in the mission?

4. Why is the US planning to send people back to the moon?

5. Do you think sending people to the moon is money well spent? Why/why not?

6. Why do you think the moon landing will be remembered as one of the biggest achievements of all time?

7. What do you think was meant by the saying “It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”?

BTN – The homework debate

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.45.17 am

Watch the following BTN video about the homework debate. Then answer the following questions in your workbook

  1. What is a debate?
  2. List the two sides to this homework debate
  3. List the similarities between a debate and writing a persuasive piece.
  4. List the differences between a debate and writing a persuasive piece.
  5. What is your stance on the homework debate?