The end of the year is here! To celebrate, we will be having our traditional ‘Grade Parties’ with all of the Grade 5 Students as a picnic on the oval.
Students are required to get into a group of 10 (maximum) to plan their party. You will need to organise with your group a number of items to make your picnic successful. Some things to consider are:

  • Picnic Rug (You may need 2 if you have a group of 10 people)
  • Plastic or Paper Cups and Plates/ Napkins
  • Drinks
  • Savory Food
  • Sweet Food

Note that there is to be no caffeinated drinks, there must be a variety of savory and sweet food and no food can be warmed/heated at school.

Good luck and happy planning!


Design Your Own Space Station on Mars

Create your own plans! Draw a picture or diagram that takes into consideration:

  • Astronauts/ scientists need somewhere to sleep, eat, live and work
  • Spacesuits to travel outside the base, and/or vehicle and robots to undertake dangerous work
  • Communications with Mission Control back on Earth
Fold a sheet of A4 paper diagonally to create a square. Cut off excess. Unfold the square and turn it over so that the diagonal fold is face down. Now fold the square in half vertically and horizontally. When you lift up the paper it should look something like the photo. Bring the diagonal fold together to create a Squash book. Draw your plans on the inside and a cover panel on the front.
Well done!
You’ve completed the research necessary for your Mission to M.A.R.S. base at VSSEC.