All Children Should Play A Team Sport

Below is the persuasive writing that we did together. Please reread this writing piece and write some suggestions as to how it could improve as a comment.


All children should play a team sport. It is vital to play a team sport for coordination, team skills, exercise and most importantly fun. Children should play a team sport, as it is good for their health. Playing a team sport is vital as you are motivated by teammates who push you on. Team sports help you to learn cooperation and encourage children to make new friends. Some children get bored and just watch TV. This is not good for their health. Are you one of those people?


Firstly, playing a team sport is good for your health. You get fresh air and exercise. Playing sport burns energy and strengthens your muscles. Also playing outdoors is good for your health as you get vitamin D. Playing team sports makes you fit and will improve her overall health and wellbeing. Sport stars look fit, strong and healthy.


Secondly playing a team sport develops your ability to work with others and achieve life skill. You learn how to cooperate and encourage your teammates. By playing a team sport you have the chance to make new friends and socialise with others. You learn new social skills, as you are required to be encouraging, helping your teammates, determination, perseverance and learning to accept success and defeat.


Finally playing team sports is FUN! It is fun to learn new skills and try different team sports. It is fun to share winning team games with your friends. Football teams celebrate by singing their team song. Basketball teams stand in a circle and do high-fives. Congratulating your opponent shows being a good sport. Supporters cheer and join in the fun. It is fun to play team sports as you can make lots of new friends and try sports and skills that you wouldn’t otherwise know you had. Playing team sports can boost your confidence. It is fun to make up new drills and practice your skills.



In conclusion, playing team sport is good for your health and wellbeing. It clears your mind and lets you focus more on your schoolwork. It makes you a better friend as you develop better social skills. Remember that playing a team gives you the opportunity to make new friends and spend time with your teammates. If you are having fun playing sport you are less likely to get sick. Playing team sports will help you in the future as you develop many life long skills. It is clear to see all of the benefits of playing a team sport.


by 5V