It is the last week of term so homework is a little different.

Continue to read on a regular basis.

Continue to complete some ‘Mathletics’ assignments.

What is the third term goal you need to keep in mind?

Clean up your iPad and update your apps.

Save your work to the server.

You need to be ready for term 3 as we are going to get you set up for blogging.

(Get rid of anything that is eating up your storage. ‘Gig eaters’ might include photos and game apps.)

Yes! Grade 5 students will be creating their own blogs. You will need to ensure that you have some space.

What went well…

Wow Grade 5, term 2 is almost over! Let’s reflect on this term’s Integrated Curriculum unit, Cultural Diversity.

Answer the questions below, in full sentences, about Cultural Diversity this term.

1. My favourite thing about Cultural Diverstiy was…

2. The most challenging thing during Cultural Diversity was…

3. I want to know more about…

Now let’s reflect on the term:

1. This term I have enjoyed…

2. The most challenging thing this term was…

3. Next term I am looking forward to…

Reconciliation Week

Watch the BtN video and answer the following questions as a ‘quality comment’

1. Explain what National Reconciliation Week is in your own words.
2. Why did Jasirah decide to conduct the hug test?
3. Explain why Jasirah wants to increase trust between indigenous and non-indigenous people?
4. How is the school class in the story celebrating Reconciliation Week?
5. What language are the kids learning? Do some research to find out how many indigenous languages are spoken in Australia.
6. List 3 ways you think Australia could become a more equal and accepting place. Discuss your ideas with the class.
7. Why do you think it’s important for all kids to be learning about Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander culture?
8. How did this story make you feel?

BTN – Mabo Day


Answer the following questions as a ‘quality comment’:

  1. What date do we celebrate Mabo day?
  2. What is the full name of the man who took on the Australian legal system to fight a land rights injustice?
  3. Where was Mabo born?
  4. Why was he fighting for the land rights of Murray Island?
  5. What does the term Terra Nullius mean?
  6. What was the name of the court case?
  7. Mabo wasn’t just fighting for the Meriam people. Why was Mabo an important case for Australian Indigenous people?
  8. What year did the High Court make its decision on the Mabo land rights case?
  9. How did this story make you feel?
  10. Name three things you learnt from watching the Mabo Day BtN story.