On this page you will find information relating to your garden bed project.

Click here for the Garden Bed design brief

Click here for some examples that were created on an iPad.


Costing & Purchasing

Please use the Numbers template  on your grade server to keep track of your spending and budget. Below is an example.


Below are some websites you may find useful for finding prices of wood, nails, soil, plants etc.

Number Patterns

Matchstick Patterns


BtN – Nepal Earthquake

1.Before you watch this story record what you know about
Watch the BtN video below and then answer the questions as a quality comment.
Nepal Earthquake
2. What magnitude was the earthquake in Nepal?
3. Describe the devastation the earthquake caused.
4. What is the top layer of the earth called?
5. What are tectonic plates?
6. Where do most earthquakes occur?
7. Tectonic plates often move at a very __________ rate.
8. Why are big earthquakes not as likely to occur in Australia?
9. What do people in Nepal need help with?
10. How did this story make you feel?