BtN – Space Rock

Watch the following BtN video and answer the following questions on lined paper. Remember to answer in full sentences and use your best spelling and punctuation.

1. A meteor recently exploded above what country?
2. Describe the damage that was caused by the meteor.
3. The force of the meteor that recently exploded was 20 times bigger than an ________ bomb.
4. How are asteroids, meteoroids and comets different?
5. What are meteoroids and asteroids generally made from?
6. Between what two planets would you normally find asteroids?
a. Mars and Jupiter
b. Earth and Mars
c. Saturn and Uranus
7. When a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere it’s called a _____________.
8. How are meteorites valuable to scientists?
9. Many scientists believe that a major collision between asteroids and the Earth 66 million years ago contributed to the extinction of what species?
10. What was surprising about this story?

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One thought on “BtN – Space Rock

  1. Hi Mrs Veal!

    This video was stunning. Not the damage, of course, but the beauty meteorites make in the Earth’s sky. (Even though it caused lots of damage)
    1. A meteorite exploded over Russia.
    2. This meteorite destroyed and broke buildings, damaged land and injured thousands of people.
    3.The force of the meteor that recently exploded was 16 times bigger than an atomic bomb.
    4. Comets are smooth balls of ice and dust. They don’t usually have hard impact because they melt before hitting the ground. (Duh! It’s ice what do you expect? Haha! I wonder if it rained ice. Oh…that’s called snow…) Asteroids are chunks of metal, or debris. They would obviously make a big impact. (Look Mummy! I found an asteroid! It’s really light!) Yeah…unlikely.
    5. Meteoroids and asteroids are made of rock and metal. (Meteoroids…asteroids…these ‘astronomers’ have no originality, whatsoever!)
    6. You would find asteroid upon asteroid in the ‘asteroid belt’ between Jupiter and Mars.
    7. When a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere it’s called a meteor.
    8. Scientists and astronomers (the ones with no originality) need these specimens for more research in the history if our Solar System. Yet is still to be discovered!
    9. This major collision between a meteor and Earth caused the species of DINOSAUR to die. (Joke time! What do you call a dinosaur with 1 eye? Doyouthinkhesaurus?
    10. This BtN story was very interesting. It taught me the differences between comets and asteroids and the big impact they can make.

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