Using your iCal calendar:

1.  Find your birthday month. What day of the week is your birthday this year?

2. What happens to your birthday over next 10 years?

3. Which day of the week will your 21st birthday be?

Explain why that happens?

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One thought on “Time

  1. Dear Mrs Veal,
    1. This year my birthday was on a Wednesday.

    2. In the next ten years, my birthday will be on a Tuesday. Think about it. The week goes ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurday,’ and so on. If ‘New Years Eve’ is on a Tuesday, the next day which would be the new year would be Wednesday. That’s the same going for birthdays, it will be a day after but in the next year.

    3. On my 21’st birthday, the day will be on a Wednesday.

    My explanation is included in the second question.

    From Jasmyn.

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