Literature Circles

Lit Circles

What is a Literature Circle?

A literature circle is a small group of students that are reading the same book.

How does a Literature Circle group work?

Groups meet regularly to discuss the part of the book they have agreed to read up to. Each student has a different role in these discussions and they take turns to share their completed tasks. These roles rotate each session. Each session is led by ‘Discussion Director’ who prepares questions to promote comprehension of the text and guides discussion. Every group member must make a short summary about the section they have read and a prediction about will will happen next. This is to be completed as a comment on their group’s page on the grade blog.


When the group completes their text they prepare a Showcase to present their reading journey to the whole class. In the past, students have celebrated their text by acting out a scene, designing a 3D model, creating an advertisement for the book or giving a multimedia presentation…the sky is the limit!

How will your group celebrate the text..?

Literature Circle roles

Discussion Director

Word Wizard


Literary Luminary



Character Captain


Tips for presenting your role:

Tips for presenting roles

Tips for presenting roles 2 (Thanks Miss G)

Group names and books:

Book_display_1_5LV Book_display_2_5LV Book_display_3_5LV

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3 thoughts on “Literature Circles

  1. To Mrs Veal
    I predict that the people that caught
    him that they won’t release him
    And that they will hold him

    Tom appleby convict boy
    By Brady

  2. Mrs Veal
    Tom appleby convict boy

    My prediction is that
    The colprote will be guilty because he stole from shops and you went to jail for that back then

    By brady

  3. To Mrs Veal,

    My prediction:

    I think in the next few pages Megs and his team will win the trip to England because they are pretty good at soccer. But at the same time I’ve a feeling that they’ll lose the challenge and won’t go to the trip.


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