Ray’s Olympics

Ray’s Olympics

by Libby Gleeson


Group members:

Riley, Kaan, Jaidyn and Daniel.

Use this page as a place to write your  predictions. It is also a place where you can discuss your book and ask your group members questions that you may have. Enjoy :)


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29 thoughts on “Ray’s Olympics

  1. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I think that Chelonia will soon get over the death of Carretta the turtle. I think she will watch more baby turtles and enjoy it a lot.
    From Ariane

  2. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that the letter Chellie has wrote to the people they will write back. I also think that Chellie will go back to the beach where Caretta was and find bits of her.
    From Ciara

  3. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I think that Cheloina will keep cleaning up the beach and she will get a comment from the government.
    From Chantelle

  4. Dear Mrs Veal,
    Chellie will get a lot of replys to her champaign about the turtles. Most of the replys will be good and some of them will be bad. She will have a lot of work to do for her champaign.
    From Ariane

  5. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that the article will change then what Cheloina said. I also think Cheliona will get upset.
    From Chantelle

  6. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that Chellie and Jacinta will have a very fun time playing together and then they will go and collect more rubbish on the beach.
    From Ariane

  7. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that Chelonia will get more people to help clean up the beach and have more friends to play with.
    From Chantelle

  8. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that Cheloina will collect all the rubbish on the beach and more people will come to help.
    From Chantelle

  9. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that Chellie’s article with be taken in by the public and they will stop putting things in the sea.
    From Ariane

  10. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I think you should choose this book for the next grade 5s because it is very entertaining and has a few exciting scences and a very great ending. It is also very easy to read.
    From Chantelle

  11. Dear Mrs Veal,

    I believe you should pick this book for next year because it shows you how you can make a difference by doing one small thing.


  12. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I believe if there was another book it would be about Caretta’s baby coming back to the island and Chelonia making sure that it stays alive.
    Chelonia Green Champion of Turtles is a fantastic choice for next years Lit Circles. It is very interesting, funny and at some points in the story sad. The book shows that if you put your mind to something it can really happen. I rate it 4/5 stars.
    From Ariane

  13. I think that caretta will have layed about 9 eggs and one of them will hatch and then that will be the egg that will survive, then chellie will be very happy with that because they might look something like each other. Chellie is going to go down to the beach more to watch the turtle.

  14. Hi Mrs.Veal,

    My prediction is that Chellie’s email towards the turtle researchers will be published in the newsletter. I also think that Chellie’s message would have reached the fisher men and they will try to help the ocean.

  15. Dear Mrs Veal,
    My prediction is that Chellies email to the turtle research center will be read and they will start some type of program or something.

    from Abby

  16. Dear Mrs Veal,

    Here is my prediction for session 4;

    1. More and more rubbish will end up on the beach

    2. Chellie will have a campaign to stop this happening

    3. Chellie will start a website and/or a blog. Lots of people will support and follow her.

    From Melissa

  17. Dear Mrs Veal, I think that Chelonia will send a copy of the story over to her teacher and her teacher will send a copy to her friend which will put it in the newspaper and people will help clean the rubbish on the island and Chelonia will meet new friends.
    From Sarah.

  18. Dear Mrs Veal,
    Here is my prediction for session 5

    1. I predict that the article Chellie wrote goes in the paper

    2. Reporters will want her to talk about the problem on TV

    3. Chellie will adopt a baby turtle who is injured on their beach.

    From Melissa

  19. My prediction for page 52-65 is that the campaign will go ahead. That Mrs Howe will send it away to her friend and it then will get posted in the newspaper. The fisherman that Chellie send a letter to will reply and they will then be more careful of what they put in there boats and what they put overboard of their boats. They will then let finish cleaning all the beach and the family will be more happy with what they have done once ever one has replied to her letter. Her school teacher is very pleased that she has finished her holiday with helping the environment and learning what she and a the family can do to help.
    From Kiana

  20. Hi Mrs Veal,

    This is my prediction for pages 52-65
    Predictions 52-65
    I estimate that after Chel wrote the notice to the fishermen and fishing companies that she will be noticed by many people. I predict other people from nearby islands will help her out in her quest to save the turtles.

  21. Hi Mrs. Veal

    I predict that Chellie and her dad will watch Caretta’s baby turtles hatch and go out to sea. I also think more and more people will recognize what she is doing and help her out.

    Rebekah 🙂

  22. Dear Mrs Veal,

    Session 5 prediction:

    1. Chellie will make new friends

    2. When Carretta’s eggs hatch something bad will happen to the turtles

    From Melissa

  23. Dear mrs Veal here is my
    Prediction from page 65-78,
    Chelonia and her friends will collect the rubbish and sadly find a baby turtle that passed away by choking on a plastic bag.
    From Sarah

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