The Kazillion Wish

The Kazillion Wish

by Nick Place


Group members:

Edward, Brady, Sarah, Jasmyn, Vin and Taj


Use this page as a place to write your  predictions. It is also a place where you can discuss your book and ask your group members questions that you may have. Enjoy :)




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14 thoughts on “The Kazillion Wish

  1. Dear Mrs Veal,

    What I think is going to happen next in “How To Train Your Dragon” is that the ten boys get their first dragons.

    From Jett

  2. Dear Mrs Veal,

    I predict that Hiccup’s father won’t be proud with the dragon that Hiccup caught from the dragon nursery.

    From Jett

  3. Dear Mrs Veal,

    I predict that the Hairy Hooligan tribe and Meathead tribe will have a war with the sea dragon.

    from Jett

  4. Dear Mrs Veal,

    I predict that either Purple Death or Green Death will die and then the Vikings will come in and kill the survivor.

    From Jett

  5. Dear Mrs Veal,

    I enjoyed the book and that it should be used again next year for the new children that will come into grade five, because it is an interesting book full of action and dragons.

    From Jett

  6. Prediction: 81-122
    I believe on the way to Botany Bay, Tom will find a new friend which will help him on the voyage.
    Tom will learn new things. At Botany Bay he will run away with somebody else and become friends with the aborigines. Then when England claim Botany Bay Tom will be given land later on.

  7. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I think that Tom will end up helping set up the house and site. He might become a builder with Rob and build all those ramps and bridges. The garden will be finished and Tom and Rob might rebuild the house to a better standard later on. I think some day he will be treated as family.
    From Sef

  8. Dear Mrs Veal,

    Prediction pages 163-204

    I predict that Tom will work very hard with Rob and his dad. He will be well fed and that will make Tom healthy and happy because he hasn’t had a normal portion of food for a long time. Tom will keep Rob very happy and good company. Rob will be very happy since he has know sisters and brothers.

    Regards Zac

  9. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that Tom will get a little bit sick and have a mental illness from all of his losses. I also think that he will be fed more, and looked after more.

    From Jasmyn

  10. Dear Mrs Veal

    My prediction…
    I predict that they will leave Botany Bay in a week or 2.
    I still doubt Seargant for his behaviour towards Tom.

  11. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that something will happen to Sergeant (Robs Dad) or Rob himself, because the Indians have recently been attacking the convicts because of theft.

    From Jasmyn

  12. Dear Mrs Veal,

    Prediction pages 204-245

    I predict that Tom and Rob is going to go back to his house and are going to start watering the plants, picking the plants, shooting down animals to eat and doing their normal routine. Some more people might be hanged and executed.

    Regards Zac.

  13. Dear Mrs Veal,
    Prediction: 204-245
    I think Tom, Rob and the Sergeant will make a new town with the other marines. The convicts might take over and start a new town themselves separate from the marines and soldiers. Tom and Rob might get their own small house next to the sergeants.
    From Sef

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