Megs: Scarves and Sombreros

Megs: Scarves and Sombreros

by BNeil Montagnana-Wallace


Group members:

Jack, Alishba, Sef, Liam, Peter and Zac

Use this page as a place to write your  predictions. It is also a place where you can discuss your book and ask your group members questions that you may have. Enjoy :)

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17 thoughts on “Megs: Scarves and Sombreros

  1. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that Marvin will start to forget about being a boy and will start to like doing girl stuff. Then his friends will notice he’s acting strange and start asking him about why he’s acting like that.
    From Karleen.

  2. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that Marvin will eventually go up to Casey and be friends with her because he had forgotten about being a boy. Then, Casey will put two and two together and figure out that Marvin has turned into a girl. She will try to get Marvin to kiss his elbow.
    From Karleen.

  3. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that Marvin will accidently reveal that he is a girl at Lake Park. Then, everyone will tease him and he will be even more embarrassed.
    From Karleen.

  4. Dear Mrs Veal,
    My prediction for session 5 is that Marvin will get tangled in the spider web and kiss his elbow again and THINKS that he is not a girl anymore.
    From Billie

  5. Dear Mrs Veal,
    My prediction is that he will go down the spider web and realise that he is not a girl he just thought that
    From Billie

  6. Dear Mrs Veal,
    I predict that Marvin will be a girl forever and become friends with the girls. Also, I think that his friends will think him weird and stop being his friend, but Marvin won’t mind.
    From Karleen.

  7. Dear Mrs. Veal
    My prediction for session 5# is that when Marvin is lost in his thoughts up on the spider web he will lose balance and fall off. While he is in mid air he will twist his body and accidentally kiss his elbow. The next day he won’t have any more girly thoughts or longings and he would think it would be crazy and impossible to ever think that kissing your elbow would turn you into a girl.
    From Adele
    (I loved lit circles and I can’t wait to do it next term will a different book!!!)

  8. Dear Mrs Veal
    I think this book would be a great choice for the Grade 5s as its a easy book to read in a couple of days and you get into get and has a great series of books
    From Chloe

  9. Dear Mrs veal
    I predict that the book will end and there well be spy’s to to recuse the secret formula will be forgotten for ever.

  10. To Mrs Veal
    Here is my prediction for session 1:

    I predict that Megs will be stuck where he has so many people wanting to join his team for a trip to England. He doesn’t know who to put in his team.

    From Jack

  11. To Mrs Veal
    Here is my prediction for session 3:

    I predict that megs will win the trip to England but he won’t be able to afford it. He will have to go out and go busking with dice moves to try and get some money to get the trip to England. Then he’ll miss the plane with everyone else and arrive late and miss out on playing a game against his English Wanderers team.

    From Jack


  12. To Mrs Veal

    I predict that Abda will be in a position so if she plays her team lose the comp or if she doesn’t her team will win. Everyone will be angry and Megs will try to smash the Southside Sharks when they verse them next.

    From Jack

  13. To Mrs Veal,
    Here is my prediction for session 5:

    I predict that when they make the protest it will go well and Abda will be aloud to play football again. The dog that Megs will get will be a little brown sausage dog. It’s name will be Anfield after Megs home town in England.

    From Jack

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