Design Your Own Space Station on Mars

Create your own plans! Draw a picture or diagram that takes into consideration:

  • Astronauts/ scientists need somewhere to sleep, eat, live and work
  • Spacesuits to travel outside the base, and/or vehicle and robots to undertake dangerous work
  • Communications with Mission Control back on Earth
Fold a sheet of A4 paper diagonally to create a square. Cut off excess. Unfold the square and turn it over so that the diagonal fold is face down. Now fold the square in half vertically and horizontally. When you lift up the paper it should look something like the photo. Bring the diagonal fold together to create a Squash book. Draw your plans on the inside and a cover panel on the front.
Well done!
You’ve completed the research necessary for your Mission to M.A.R.S. base at VSSEC.

Mars Australian Research Station

What would a Mars Base suitable for humans need?

Make a diamond 4- door old and use one for for each section.

1. Air – to keep the air breathable oxygen would need to be added, and carbon dioxide filtered out

2. Water – everything would have to be recycled. Are there any resources on Mars?

3. Food – food from Earth would have to be stored for a long time, or perhaps astronauts could grow their own

4. Fuel (energy sources) – fuel would have to be brought from Earth Earth unless astronauts could use energy sources on Mars.

These internet resources will be helpful.



Mars Research Project

Below is the assessment rubric that you will need to refer to while you are completing your Mars Research Project.

Mars Weather – Min Booklet

You have started the first section of this project as part of your homework this week.

Find out everything you can about the Weather on Mars, including:
  • Wind
  • Dust storms
  • Clouds
  • Frost and snow

Remember to write all of your references in your Tri-Fold Tab Book.

Wednesday 19th November – Today’s task is to make a vocabulary pocket.

Now the research begins…