M.A.R.S. Mars Australian Research Station

What would a Mars Base (suitable for humans) need?

Make a Diamond 4-Door Fold and use one fold for each section.

  • Air – to keep the air breathable oxygen would need to be added, and carbon dioxide filtered out
  • Water – everything would have to be recycled. Are there any resources on Mars?
  • Food – food from Earth would have to be stored for a long time, or perhaps astronauts could grow their own
  • Fuel (energy sources) – fuel would have to be brought from Earth Earth unless astronauts could use energy sources on Mars.
These internet resources will be helpful.

Planet Mars – Facts and Information (including Colonizing Mars)

Mars Homestead Project Image Gallery (images of future settlements on Mars)
Davis Creek Elementary School Mars Colony Project (great pictures of student projects)

Communication with Mars

Here are some internet resources you might find helpful:


Here is a link to the MARS project…

Below is a list of useful research websites.

  • You will find information and statistics about Mars at National Geographic’s Mars, The Red Planet
  • More Mars information, including atmosphere, moons, poles etc at Windows to the Universe – Mars
  • Mars information and activities at Enchanted Learning’s, The Planets, Mars.
  • A video on YouTube from PBS that compares Mars and Earth and explains, The Weather on Mars
  • Google Earth has a ‘Fly to other planets’ feature, which includes tours, photographs and places of interest on Mars. If you don’t have Google Earth installed you can download Google Earth here.



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