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Descriptive Writing

Today we are going to look at writing some really descriptive writing

Part 1:

…as I looked around…

This is your first prompt. It is about using your sight which is one of our five senses. Make sure you describe what you can see. Use can only use 100 words to write it. Use Pages on your iPad and make sure you turn on the word count. Then publish it as a post on your blog.

Part 2:

Answer the following writing prompt below. When writing. make sure you describe what you can see, like in the first prompt. Try to use lots of adjectives to describe the things that you are seeing. Write this one in your writing book.

Drop of Water

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11 thoughts on “Writing

  1. She Was Sure This Is Where He Had Disappeared:

    I walked slowly thorough the dark, scary forest, my dim light leading the way, my eyes searching. I stopped. Then I new this is where he had disappeared. Searching through the dead, Autumn leaves there it was. A deep and dark hole. As I peeped though I heard a screech. Soon I looked over, I new I was being watched. I felt very scared in the darkness with the cold striking wind I decided to go down the hole but I held my lantern tight. I looked for John my little brother. Soon I found him under a dark bush.
    By Alyssa.

  2. Dear Mrs Veal,
    Here is my story!

    3 March 2015

    Writing Story
    She was sure this was where he had disappeared

    Tippi leaped out of Lily’s hands and bolted out the door.”Stop!” Yelled Lilly.”Come back!” She started to run after him but being a champion racer, he was to fast. Lilly didn’t care though. She had to catch him! He skidded round the side of a old oak tree making the autumn leaves fly up in all directions. He was getting away! Lilly panted out “Tippi! Come back!” Then suddenly she felt herself flying through the air! She landed with a thud. Looked around. She was sure this was where he had disappeared!

    From Melissa

  3. She was sure this was where he disappeared……..

    He disappeared in a dark, black and scary place. The boy fell down a deep dark hole, the place had green ferns, Autumn trees and plants everywhere. The girl had a blue jacket and a pink dress underneath her jacket. It was in a dark and spooky forest. There was no one or any animal around. It was deserted. She was by herself looking for her brother. She was very cold it was a big forest with lots of trees and she only had a lantern to find her brother down the deep dark hole. Her lantern was not bright.

    Regards Zac.

  4. She was sure this is where he had disappeared….

    She was chasing a rabbit then he disappeared. Did he go down that black dark hole? Or did he go the other way? It was beautiful where he lived but it was scary and mysterious.The light she was using was a lantern, a very old fashioned type. There was a old wooden fence around the perimeter of the forest with all the branches hanging over me. Her purple jacket wasn’t giving her any warmth what so ever. She was in her pink party dress. Her lantern made the shape of a circle on the orange Autumn leaf ground.

    By Abby

  5. Kiana 3 March this is my story

    She was sure this was where he had disappeared….. Maybe because there were so many things like shadow and then she found the dark hole and that might have been where he slipped down. As she was sure that he would have been looking at all the different shapes of the forest like the trees,branches and all the shapes, the circle from the dark hole, the colour of the forest and the shadows. How the forest had felt lonely and sad and then she had to try and work out how he had got down the dark hole and then she said that it so small.

  6. Dear, Mrs.Veal
    This is my writing regards prompt 1

    She was sure where he had disappeared…….
    Lucy was walking through the dark, quiet forest, getting help from the light of the lantern.
    On the way she stopped, she heard a noise of the leaf ruffling. She looked behind, and no on was there, she kept on going with a scared face. Suddenly she saw something going past her, she had no idea who it was. Then she saw a hole, she knew this is where he had disappeared. She started crying and she was very very sad, she thought that it was too late to go home now. So then she slept beside it in that spooky forest next to that hole.
    By, Alishba

  7. Brady 5V 3/3/15

    She was sure this is where he want missing.

    I know he went down there. It was dark and gloomy one night and that’s when he want missing. I took him for a walk that night and when we got home I let him inside. Then he instantly ran back outside into the dark woods that’s when he went missing. Now I’m looking down the hole to try find him. It’s so sad without my dog. I lower my lantern down but I still can’t see him down the dark, gloomy and very deep hole. I can’t cope without his extremely fluffy fur and his extreme cuteness.
    from Brady

  8. Dear Mrs Veal
    She was sure this was where he had disappeared

    She was in a dark spooky forest but then she found a deep, dark hole in the ground surrounded by dark autumn leaves. It was weird because the leaves didn’t fall in the hole. Then another hole came out but is was just a rabbit digging a new hole for its family. Then something came out of the hole. It was red but it was a small hairy bear that just built a tunnel out of the leaves for it’s family. But then she saw her kind brother digging a hole for the bears. She and her brother went home.

    From Daniel

  9. She is sure where he had disappeared…

    Him? He might of gone down this hole? WoW! Where am i? “Welcome” said a strange man who talks weird. “Welcome” he said again. “Welcome to the world of imaginary things”.
    “Want are am i doing here?”
    “Are you looking for some one?”
    “YES!YES! I am”
    “What is his name?”
    “Jack my dad”
    “OH NO there are some dangers you have to face to get to your father so I will come on the adventure. Like the bar where it feeds you food that makes you want to stay. Also there are a person that if you look in their eyes you turn to stone’.

    Jaidyn in 5v

  10. Dear Mrs Veal,
    Here is my second story!

    3 March 2015

    A drop of water

    Droplet felt the ground shake again.” What is it mum? Why does the clouds keep shaking?” She only replied.”Its time.” “What is it? What is it?” cried Droplet again. She went over to her dad and asked him. He said, ” Remember the time I told you the story of the great fall? Well it’s happening again.” “You mean it wasn’t made up?” asked Droplet flabbergasted. “No it’s real and it’s happening”. Her father told her. Suddenly a big hole opened up the ground. The rest of her family fell down the deep hole. Droplet gasped then jumped down after them. She felt the air rushing down around her. Droplet saw everyone falling down, down even harder and quicker by the second then she hit the ground and everything went silent. Forever.

    From Melissa

  11. 3 of March
    Drop of Water
    This is my story…

    The splash when the beautiful animals has jumped out of the water. Then the drop of the water has landed on flat water and the hit from the drop has made the water go down like you can see the bottom of the land or the world. You can see the clear water and if you were there you would have seen the most beautiful animal in the world and then that animal went alone on and on and then it jump again and again. Then found some friends and it went with them.

    From Kiana

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