Camp – Red Faces

YES there is going to be a red faces night this year on camp and Miss Anderson is organising it! For those of you who don’t know, Red Faces is a talent show where students can enter by themselves or in a group and perform an act to everyone! If you would like to participate in Red Faces there are a few things you need to remember.

Your act must be rehearsed and prepared for by the beginning of the camp. There will be no time during camp to practice.
You will not have extra time during class to prepare your act. These preparations need to be done in your own time.
If you are doing a dance then why not ask Mr. Rhodes if you can use his CD player at recess or lunchtime, as no students are allowed on the deck during recess and lunchtime.
All students need to bring their own music (if needed) and give to Miss Anderson (with their name on it AND song number) and they will need to bring any other items that are necessary for their act.
Remember that all acts and songs need to be appropriate – with the aim of entertaining the audience and making sure that everyone has a great time!

Also there needs to be a RED FACES HOST. This person will run the Red Faces competition and introduce each act. The Red Faces host will need to audition for this role. Auditions will be held next week on Wednesday 21st of May in Miss Anderson’s Room. If you have any questions come see Miss Anderson in room 36 or write a comment on her grade blog.
There will be sign up sheets out the front of Miss May and Mr. Richardson’s room for Red Faces Acts and for Red Faces Host Auditions.

Grade 5 Camp


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Here are some things that you need to begin thinking about:

  • Have you looked at the clothing list and made sure you have all the items?
  • Do you have any good G or PG rated movies that you would be happy to lend for the week?
  • Would you like any particular songs played at the disco?
  • Are you preparing an act for Red Faces?
  • What will you dress up in for the Dress Up Dinner (something starting with ‘V’)?