Homework Week 6 – Science Excursion activity

Here is some more information about our science homework task this week. Below you will find a link for the homework page this week and some more information about the activity we would like you to complete about Mars’ weather. There is  also some information about how to keep track of your research references.

Click here for the homework sheet due on Friday 21st November.


MARS WEATHER (Mini-Booklet)

Yes! Mars has weather. Create a Mini-Booklet about the weather on Mars. You will make this in class together on Friday but if you lose it/weren’t here on Friday…

  • Take two pieces of paper the same size, and fold them in half.
  • Take one piece of paper and cut a slit along the fold that FINISHES about 2 cm away from the edges.
  • On the other piece make two slits at either end of the fold (about 2 cm).
  • Roll this piece of paper and pass through the slit of the other piece and straighten out so that it fits together as an eight-page booklet.

Find out everything you can about the Weather on Mars, including:

  • Wind
  • Dust storms
  • Clouds
  • Frost and snow


References Book

You need to keep a list of all the places you find information that you use. Keep a list of references and when you’re ready transfer the information to a Tri-Fold Tab Book.
*Books and magazines should include the title and author and date it was published (usually found on the imprint page with other publishing information).
*Internet site, the title and date you visited it,
*Other resources should include the name of the program (for TV etc) and the date you saw it, or the name of the person you spoke to, and any qualifications they might have, eg. your teacher.
How to create the tri-fold tab book
You will make this in class together on Friday but if you lose it/weren’t here on Friday…Fold a piece of A5 paper in half, turn it around and fold into three. Cut along red dotted lines to create tabs, fold outer sections into centre to create booklet.

Activities and information from:

Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper



Your task for homework this week to to draw a picture related to the reading of Out of my Mind so far.

It must be in colour and a full page of your homework book.
You can draw a picture of:

• Something that’s discussed in the book
• Something that the reading reminds you of
• An idea or feeling you had from the reading
You must include an annotation. (Explanation of your illustration, where it came from and what it means to you.)

Homework term 3due22Aug

Do a ‘good deed’ challenge

Challenge: Do a good deed everyday for a week.

A good deed is defined as an act or performance done out of kindness, generosity or friendliness.

This could be at home, school or out and about.

You need to present your good deeds on your iPad on a school app of your choice. Please let us all know about your ‘good deeds’ and how you felt about them, by writing a comment on the blog.

Looking forward to see your presentations on the last day of term.


Homework: Recommend to a Friend

Often students complain that they don’t have a book to read, or that they don’t know any good novels or chapter books to read.

For homework this week we would like you to write a “Recommend to a friend” review, recommending a book to the Grade 5 students that you have enjoyed (see below for details of what to include). Even after this week of homework, feel free to have a look back over the reviews to find a new book to read, you might like to even add a new review after you have finished another book. Don’t forget to check out all of the Grade 5 blogs for book suggestions.

Enjoying what you read is really important! If you’re not enjoying a book, then it is hard to finish it. When you enjoy what you reading, it encourages you to continue to read AND to read nightly! We expect that you read 30 minutes every night in Grade Five – and record in your Reading Diary App.

Image from: readalert.blogs.slv.vic.gov.au

Each comment must include:

1. The title and author of the book

2. A SUMMARY of what the book is about (not giving away any crucial information) – be sure to include genre

3. Reasons WHY you would recommend it to a friend

4.  A star rating out of 5 stars