Data Interpretation


One packet of Smarties each. Present this task using your iPad.

Write predictions. For example, what is the chance of  getting a packet with 10? 5 red?

Open packets.

Record data in a table by counting and tallying.

Create a bar graph

Take a photo using your iPad.

Make an interpretation.  eg.There are more red, my prediction was correct.

Make a comparison to someone else’s data.

Put Smarties in a circle,  create a pie graph. Photograph.

Write fractions about your Smarties. eg. if there were 12 Smarties in a box and 3 were red, 3/12s were red.

Use the calculator to work out percentages.

Enter into Numbers app, create a graph and write your interpretations.

Well done! Enjoy your smarties.:)

Which data display – bar graph or pie graph do you think was most effective? Why?


Grade 5 iPad Check Up

iPad Usage:

Each student is required to have 6GB of data space on their iPad so that they can complete school tasks. If you do not have 6GB then you need to delete some of your apps that ARE NOT school apps.

Follow the directions on how to check how much space you have left.

You need to go into your SETTINGS > General > Usage

In the Usage section on the top left hand side it will show you how many GB you have left. On the right it will tell you how much you have used.

A list of apps will come up. The app that is using the MOST space will appear at the top of the list.

If it is an app that you don’t use often – DELETE IT!

You need to REGULARLY back up your iPad to your computer at home, and your Grade Server.

To do this you need to plug in your iPad using the cord, to your computer. Open iTunes, and press ‘SYNC’

You should be saving work on the grade server without being told. This is a skill you should do automatically now. All work should be saved to your own folder.

If you have any questions, please write them as a comment.